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We provide a wide range of advanced Internet marketing services that help businesses succeed online by targeting potential customers, realizing maximum conversion and generating effective return on investment (ROI).

Doing business online ensures that you get the best of the both worlds. Reaching maximum audience and reducing the operational cost. However this realization is not that simple. The market is extremely competitive. There are uncountable websites in the same line of your business, selling the same product and conveying the same marketing message.
To stay ahead of the competition, you need a wider visibility and a room for yourself in the search engine rankings. The higher your website is ranked in the search engine results, the greater the recognition you get. And that recognition, to a great extent, is derived from a well-planned and properly executed search engine optimization campaign which is also one of our core areas of expertise.

HOW WE DO:- Our search engine optimization consultants review your website and identify the key areas which need to be optimized thoroughly to get indexed by the search engines. In addition, we analyze the status and techniques of your competitors and propose the ways through which you can score over them.

Off Page optimization:- SERVICE SPACTRUM
Directory and Search Engine Submissions
Reciprocal Building Service
Press Release Syndication
Blog and forum posting
Newsletter Distribution
Article Distribution
Answer Sites

On-Page Optimization:-
Defining Meta Tags
Website Navigation & Structure
Image Optimization
Content Optimization
SiteMap Updation
Handling Redirects
Setting Up Robots
Heading/Alt/Anchor Tags

Short for Pay Per Click, PPC is an online advertising strategy in which the advertiser pays a predetermined amount of money each time his advertisement is clicked by the user. Compared to other mediums of online marketing, PPC is more targeted and less time consuming.

Scope: – PPC guarantees an exact ranking in the search engines depending on the bid amount. Given that over 80% of internet users use the search engines to find information, it is pertinent that the scope of this advertisement is vast.

Custom Budgeting: - PPC advertisement services are distinguished for they give the advertiser the power to customize the budget according to business requirements. The daily budget you specify can be increased or decreased depending on the performance of your ad campaign.

Geo Targeting: – With PPC advertisement, you can target your audience specifically in their own locations. This makes way for a more detailed and concentrated placement of your advertisement.

Quick Results and Tractability: – PPC management service yields quick results and is short-term in nature compared with other means of online advertisements. Further, these advertisements can be easily traced and tracked. You get detailed report on which keywords are searched, which advertisements are clicked and that if any conversion has been made.

Our Methodology:-
Our PPC services are targeted to fetch you good return on investment that can be realized in the shortest possible time.

PPC Account Setup: We set up multiple accounts as required by your business and monitor all account settings. The target is to help you achieve maximum conversion with minimum expenses.

Keyword Research: We bid for the keywords which are most relevant to your business. Preference is given to find out limited number of keywords with cheaper but long tailed keywords incorporated in them. This reduces the business competition and improves search engine rankings.

Creative Development: We create simple but attention grabbing titles and descriptions that generate maximum click thru and conversion rates.

Bid Management: We effectively manage bids after conducting a meticulous research on your business needs and targeted keywords. PPC bid management may include multi-tasking like bid gap monitoring, bid position maintenance, bid price trending etc. Everything is directed to help you achieve higher ROI.

Landing Page Detection: We detect the best landing pages and if necessary recommends improvements to accelerate site level conversion.

Ad Testing: We periodically perform ad and creative testing with quadrants methods, split methods etc.

Account Reporting: We track campaign reports daily and keep our clients updated with campaign progress reports regularly.